Marching Band Shop

Marching band shop in Glasgow . Parent company established 1987 and now has showroom at the Glasgow premises in Dundas Street. We stock accessories such as belts, boots,hats, flute pouches, flags, flag poles and hackles.

Marching Band Trousers

We make the marching band trousers with different colour of stripes.


Miller Browne Flutes at great prices

Parade Gloves

White and black parade gloves for marching bands.

Sashes for parades

sashes for marching bands at our shop.


Hackles and plumes for marching bands. Different colours

Bowler hats

Bowler hats from Marching band supplies. Great quality.

Marching Band Hats

Marching band hats in most colours and designs. From The marching band shop.

Glengarry Hats

Fantastic quality Glengarry hats. Can be made in other colours.


Epaulettes and Shoulder Boards with your own design.

Parade Boots

Wide variety of parade boots and shoes. Discounts available for bulk buying.

Flagpole Cords

Flagpole cords for decorating and holding the banners steady.Come in various colours,

Side Drum Slings

These side drum slings can be made in white or black pvc with brass or chrome fittings.

Flagpoles Sash Belts

These sashes come with any design and cup for supporting the flagpole.

Parade Belts

Parade Belts for Parades and Marching Bands. Many styles and colours

Flagpole Accessories

See our flagpole accessories including spear finials, spare screw joints etc

Flagpole Carry Belts

Flagpole carry belts in leather. They come in brown, black or white with chrome and brass fittings.

Flagpole Base stand

Flagpole base stands in black and chrome or brass and rosewood.3 sizes

Masons Bannerettes

Masonic bannerettes made to your own designs. We can help with the design.

Masons Banner Poles

Bannerette poles for Free Masons, Masons finial and poles made to your specifications.

Bannerette Poles

These poles are made to your sizes and are  made in Scotland

Banner Poles

 Banner Poles and Trade Union banner poles. Both budget and top of the range.

Flagpole bags

These flagpole bags are great for carrying your flagpoles and room for the flag and accessories.


Beautiful flagpoles in 7ft or 8ft lengths with either spear finials or crown and lion.In brass or chrome finish.


 Bannerettes made to your own designs and specifications. We can help with the design.

Embroidered Flags

Embroidered flags are Embroidered both sides with sleeve for flagpole. Superb quality.