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 Marching in Step At The Military Tattoo.

A marching band is a band of musicians who like to march while playing their instruments. The most popular in the UK are brass, pipe, flute and military bands. The music has strong military and rousing process of marchers and they walk or march in step. The bands are always colourful with bright uniforms. As well as traditional parades many bands perform at events throughout the year and one of the most famous places in the world is the Edinburgh Tattoo. For over 50 years the Edinburgh Tattoo has been hosting events for the best bands in the world. Many bands perform here from almost every country in the world and mostly made up of military and pipe bands. This gives each band a chance to show off its own tradition and style. at
The Tattoo is an unforgettable experience and sight to see as the massed Scottish pipe bands march in full flow with the atmospheric scene of the castle in the background. Over 200,000 people attend the Tattoo each year with vast numbers 100,0000, watching on the television.Our band supplies shop helps keep these traditions going.


Rope cords for flagpoles in a variety of colours   


Footwear for parades and marching bands.


Shoulder boards and epaulettes for bands and groups


Flagpole carrying belts in brown , black or white leather


Cross belt sash for holding flagpoles. Any design welcome.


Side drum belts in leather and PVC.


See our selection of flags for Cadets and Marching bands.


Flagpoles in brass or chrome fittings


Military Sashes in different colours.


Parade belts in white and black PVC with brass and chrome buckles.


Selections of Glengarry  Scottish caps ,Tam o Shanter and many other styles..


Bannerette flagpoles with different designs.


Brass band and Marching Band Hats.


White Parade gloves & gauntlets


Marching band shop trousers.


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Flagpole accessories

bowler-hats-in-black-wool Denton bowler hats in 100% wool felt.

Flagpole bags. Will hold poles and flags.


Marching band pilot shirts. Any colour.


Prince Charlie Jackets and Highland Dress.


Feather Hackles and Plumes.


Glengarry hats in colours.


British service and other buckles

History of Marching bands.

Marching bands developed from military bands that go back into history and the Roman armies had good traditions of playing music while marching. Military bands played an important part on the battle field to rouse the troops with stirring music. In the nineteenth century, bands became popular in the USA with many Schools and Colleges having a band. Sadly, this tradition is now falling out of favour.Uniforms of some marching bands take their lead from the military tradition and this can be seen in flute bands and of course the pipe bands of Scotland and Canada.Most bands in the UK are mainly flute bands in Northern Ireland and Scotland with brass bands in Northern England and the pipe bands in Scotland. Marching bands, flute bands, especially, have their own unique style with colours and flags to identify the bands. Some flute band have, just like the pipe bands a drum major or majorette with the staff to help guide the band.The brass bands are slowly disappeared as coal mines and factories closed down.

Types of Bands

  • Marching Bands
  • Pipe bands
  • Military bands
  • Brass bands.

Military bands were the first bands, and no one really knows when this first started. It is well known the Romans had lots of bands historically the first of the various marching bands with the horn as the main instrument. If you want to see military marching bands in action, then there is no better place than Edinburgh either at the castle or at the tattoo where magical events and marches take place. Band march in perfect unison. One of the best bands in the Royal Marines often regarded as one of the world’s best military bands and play at most important events in the United Kingdom. Flute bands generally play in parades in the Marching season in Ireland and Scotland and the instruments are flutes and drums with a base drum at the front. There are over 500 parade in N Ireland and the tradition for this type of band is very strong.Scottish caps are very popular with any kind of band
Brass bands.
There are still a good number of brass bands in Scotland and England but nowhere what it used to be, and the tradition is slowly fading as collier bands have almost disappeared. In times and not so long ago every collier had a band and miners played their instruments with great pride. As the colliers began to shut in the 1980s the number of bands decreased.
Pipe bands
The pipe bands. It is reckoned that the pipes came to Scotland around the middle of the 15 century but some records exist for the date of 1395.In 1746, after the battle of Culloden it was the Governments wish to raise soldiers into highland regiments and they had pipers to accompany them into battle and this continued up to the second world war. Pipe bands now compete in competitions and the world championships was in Glasgow 2018. Bands from all over the world and as far off as Australia and Canada. Pipe bands vary in size but usually have lots of pipers and drummers. Military pipe bands have a drum major and are a wonderful site to see.
Flute Bands are still going strong with many different organisations having a band with flutes and drums. 

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