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Embroidered banner for marching bands ,  Masons, clubs, military and Cadets.This is one we made.

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Marching Band Banners / Bannerettes.

Our Marching Band Banners come in any size although 32 x 36 inches is about the average size.These bannerettes are embroidered to exacting standards with fringe or without fringe.

As all banners and bannerettes are different,and have different amounts of embroidery, it is difficult to give a price on line. Our bannerettes come in prices £180 to £400 and this depends on the
 amount of work undertaken. We have made many top quality flags and banners for customers all over the United Kingdom.

  • Embroidered with silk thread or bullion wire.
  • Top quality.
  • Marching Bands Supplies is a Scottish Company.
  • All work guaranteed.

Please call us on 0141 353 3788

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