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Brass band hats and caps for all marching brass bands. Hats are made to order in any colour and design. Give us a call for more details and availability.

Minimium order is 25 hats

Customised Hats | Caps

We at Marching Band Supplies have a great selection of band equipment caps and hats for brass band.The hats are made to order in any size  or design you want. Give us a call on 0141 353 3788 and one of our staff will help you with you enquiries.

Hats made to order.

Colours and sizes to fit you requirements



0141 353 3788

email  sales@marchingbandsupplies.co.uk

Brass Bands In The UK

A brass band is a band of people playing a range range of brass and percussion type instruments. These brass bands go way back and and had a tradition of competing with other bands in different areas.The tradition for marching bands and brass bands is still strong with local communities with great bands competing in competition and  it is organized into 2 section with promotions each year for improving bands.

A really good selection of brass bands can be seen at the  Durham Miners' Gala each year with events held on whit Friday in the greater Manchester area. This is a large event with hundreds of brass bands competing.

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