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Banner Poles in black wood with chrome fittings and a chrome spear finial. Superb quality and great for marches and flute bands.

Banner Poles in Black | Chrome Fittings.

Top quality banner poles in black wood with chrome fittings. Uprights in two sizes 7 foot and 8 foot in height. The cross bar is cut to length for your banner and we usually and 2 inches either side to the length of the crossbar. It comes comes with screwed joints so that the poles can be split for easy transportation. These are high quality poles and are used for the more expensive types of banners such as Orange Order flute band marches or Trade Unions with embroidered banners. We also do a trade union banner poles that is used for the cheaper or printed banners.

Additional Information.

If you need any information please call us on 0141 353 3788 and our staff will be able to help.
Top quality.
Made to fit your banner.
Quick turnaround.
Comes with all fittings.
Note crossbar cannot be more than 7 foot 6 inches.