Para/ Parachute Stable Belt

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Tremendous belt for the para regiment in regulation colours and chrome buckle. Great value as we at cadets UK believe in giving value for money. Money back guarantee with this belt

Para Belts / Parachute Stable Belt.

Quality para belt for members of the parachute regiment.This is a super stylish belt and is set off with the beautiful chrome buckle. Different sizes available but can be adjustment. The Paras or   Parachute Regiment is made up  of 3 battalions, 1st, 2nd, &3rd para with a  Reserve battalion. All Paras can expect to serve in the SF support group to keep to the special skill level.It started away back in February 1942  with capturing a radar system in France which turned out to be a success.After this  the War Office made the force larger and the Parachute Regiment was formed and we now know them as the Paras.Our Para stable belt comes in  a maroon colour with  a chrome buckle embossed with the para wings.

  • Chrome buckle, smart appearance.
  • Embossed with Para Wings.
  • Different sizes of belt.
  • Tough and durable.

We have been selling stable belts for many years and will sell the belts at a good reasonable price that people can afford.These belts all come with Proper webbing and buckles.